Victoria Owolabi

Victoria is an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. She has always had a knack for entrepreneurship but went FULL-TIME in 2017. She is the founder of the ICANDEMY ONLINE BUSINESS HUB.

Before the entrepreneurship life, she worked in various roles in HR, Business Development, Sales and Marketing but most importantly worked as a career advisor where she helped teens and young adults discover their passion and guided them into purposeful career studies.
She has been paid to travel to different countries meeting CEO’s and NGO’s for strategic business development partnerships.

She is a communication science graduate from the University of South Africa. She was raised in the bustling city of Lagos. She went on to live in the rainbow country South Africa for a few years and currently lives in Christchurch New Zealand.

Today, she is a Sales and Communications expert, trainer, marketing and business consultant, and all around serial entrepreneur.

Victoria Owolabi

Founder Icandemy Business Hub, Podcast host and creator of the C.R.A.P Sales Engine

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