Syeda Maheen Zehra

Maheen is an atypical South Asian woman, who found her calling for public service and human/women rights circa 1992 after completing her double Masters and finding her gratifying job at an international Non-profit. It was this platform that gave her the strength to move out of her city and began a new life as a human right activist working for disenfranchised women and minorities with no voice. With a long and highly gratifying experience of working with several International Development organization, including multilateral financial institutions. Her work experience covers South Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. She is passionate about nil-exclusion, enabling local communities for active participation in development decision making with a focus on basic services and economic empowerment of women in impoverished areas using social media and innovations in technology.

She has now settled in Falls Church Virginia with her 6 furry kids. She loves to read and keeping herself abreast with the latest music and movies.

She is a highly accomplished leader with business acumen and experience in international policy, and strategy development, as well as institutional development, environmental sustainability, water and Sanitation, social inclusion, civic engagement, and gender. Solid understanding and knowledge of anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation, policies, initiatives, and workplace strategies.

With extensive experience of Corporate and Non-Profit organizations she is an excellent coach and facilitator with expertise in:

  1. Organizational Assessment: Matching available skills to organizational mandate; turn around programs.
  2. Strategic Planning: Where we are and where we want to go.
  3. Capacity Development: Enhancing organizational proficiency and efficiency through a range of training program such as: Project management; Monitoring and Evaluation; strategic communication; Risk assessment; Team dynamics; Process Improvements; Problem Resolution
  4. Human Resource Development: Interpersonal communication; Mindfulness training; Unconscious bias; succession planning
  5. Constituting advisory boards.
  6. Program and project, management.
  7. Business documentation (Project proposals, monitoring reports, strategic briefs) writing and substantive editing.

You can reach out to Maheen Zehra at:


Syeda Maheen Zehra

International Development Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

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