Lissa Galvis

Lissa Galvis is a first generation American, born in San Rafael, California and raised in Houston, Texas. At age 23, she decided to venture off, eventually living in 5 different states. During this time, Lissa began her career and attended community college while
simultaneously raising her daughter as a single mom.

As Lissa navigated these young adult years, she discovered Professional Matchmaking, where she began her career as a matchmaker in 1998. This profession allowed her to explore the psychology of people and relationships, ultimately showing her how much she loved working with people. Fascinated by the industry, she began to excel, which eventually led to promotions that allowed her to move around the country.

While Lissa was very career driven, she knew she would eventually become a mother. Throughout motherhood, she found that not only did her daughter confide in her, but her daughter’s friends also looked to her for advice, guidance, or comfort. This is when she discovered her passion for mentorship.

Simultaneously, in her daughter’s last few years at home, Lissa made the decision to finally return to school in 2011 at Ashford University. In just two short years, she graduated Cum Laude Class of 2013 with a degree in PR and Marketing. As she began
to discover her true purpose here, she was offered an amazing opportunity in Houston to join a tech start-up, Spothopper, where she could utilize her degree and years of experience. Today, as a Regional Account Executive, she helps restaurants and bars
maximize their online presence and ROI through artificial intelligence. She is passionate about her new career and involvement with such an innovative company. Spothopper is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the restaurant industry.
Upon Lissa’s return to Houston, she discovered how much Houston had grown culturally and was ecstatic to be back.

Unfortunately, she also learned that Houston had become a hub for human trafficking. With Lissa’s passion for kids and mentorship, she made the decision to begin her journey in educating kids on prevention and supporting existing survivors in any way that she could. Connecting with people is a life-long passion of hers and she plans to use this passion to impact the world and those around her.

Lissa Galvis

Ph: 305-467-4072


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