By Nageen (Nyn) Riffat – Business & Leadership Consultant, Coach & Author

In the workplace, emotional intelligence could be an important factor in influencing organizations to be more productive and profitable. One of the most powerful things that women at workplace can do is move from being in their mind and generating from strategy to moving into the power of Emotional Intelligence, to their own inner resources, wisdom, deeper knowing, and the energetic field of support and resources that surrounds them.

Currently, women only fill:

  • 36% of senior roles 
  • 18% of top manager roles 
  • 14% of majority ownership positions


And if we hold the policy makers only responsible for the narrative to change, things will continue to move at a much lower pace. Women should stop hiding or holding back and step up courageously to make their voices heard, presence felt and impact seen.  Women have to be there and in sufficient number to make the needle move.

As we move into this conversation about visibility, how that is a foundation from which women can develop a powerful presence both at personal and professional level, feminine power remains a crucial piece of the equation.

What is feminine power? It is empathy, connection, listening, nurturing, patience & creating space for others. All this weaves into the extra-ordinary power of emotional intelligence that when practiced generates incredible results of profound growth.

Remember the path to C-suite is not achieved by degrees only; organizations need leaders that bring collaboration, connection and consensus to replace the idea of an all-powerful boss who knows all the answers.  Showing the positive benefits of more women leaders is task of each and every woman and for this, it is important to bring the hidden or untapped EQ strengths into action.

When the door opens, go through..

Emotional Intelligence helps you to connect with people and engage everyone for profitable growth. Women should be prepared to step up into leadership and the only way to be ready is to be self-aware of both strengths and weaknesses and be courageous enough to  show up with authenticity.

Take a deep breath and see if any of the following resonates with you?

  • Have you ever wondered if something is wrong with you because you haven’t been promoted or appointed?
  • Did you compete successfully for a better job and then failed to negotiate for salary, flexible scheduling or anything?
  • Have you told yourself you were unprepared when what you really felt was uncertain?
  • Have you fallen into the “perfectionist trap”?
  • Have you felt that your team is doubting your leadership?
  • Are you excessively afraid to fail?
  • Are you concerned you might be a token woman with little voice or power to change what needs to be changed?

Empowering yourself isn’t easy for many women, but it is time to move on. If you or anyone you know are struggling through any or all of the above questions or even similar, take the path of strengthening your EQ. It will not only help you to find your strengths but will guide you to convert those strengths into pathway to career success.

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