By Nageen (Nyn) Riffat – Business & Leadership Consultant, Coach & Author


Be Empathetic!


There are many organizations or leaders in an organization who are all focused on their profitable goals and in the journey makes the organization a skeleton of trust , conviction and unhappy employees.

Organizations are made up of people not machines, and people have feelings. Leader have to reach out to people to understand their needs, challenges and the inner purpose that drives them, then with his/her expertise weave the link and set the right tone between people’s expectations and organization’s goals.

When I was a young merchandiser, I was lucky to have been nurtured in the hands of an empathetic leader. My strengths were identified and brushed for more productivity; my areas of improvement were coached and because I was heard, I realized the importance to speak up and make a difference. Thus, early in my career, I learned the power of empathy to break down barriers and open doors.

Empathy gives you greater awareness of the needs of your employees, it facilitates you to create an inclusive environment of open communication and more effective feedback, it empowers you to resolve the problems in greater interest of the organization.

What holds back the leaders to make empathy a fixture in today’s business world is still linked with the phrase “it’s nothing personal, its business”. The excuse that most of us make for not being empathetic is obviously the reason that the expression or recognition of any type of emotion in the workplace is still regarded as being a form of weakness. True empathy is a combination of both emotional and logical rationale that goes into every decision.

However, the clear distinction of leaders who excel in leading is the focal point where they understand and strongly believe that their leadership is not only to direct all energies towards achieving goals but also on fulfilling the collective purpose of creating something meaningful.

Lack of empathy in leadership can lead to critical issues like poor employee morale, lack of trust in leadership and customer retention in an organization.

As Jason Boyers said “if we were to keep our business relevant and our customers happy, we must embrace empathy and let it be the force that drives us forward”.

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